Sunday, September 2, 2012

@Junior_Cigano Dos Santos on @AlistairOvereem: "He deserves a beating and I will arrange it." by @FiveKnucklesMMA

With quite a bit of time on his hands before he opens camp to prepare for a rematch with former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez on Dec. 29 at UFC 155, current heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos is fuming.

Not over Jon Jones or the cancelled UFC card, not over Thales Leitas' disparaging comments toward his friend and training partner Anderson Silva, but over comments made back in early July by suspended heavyweight challenger Alistair Overeem.

The two heavyweight juggernauts were expected to square off back in May at UFC 146, but Overeem was suspended for 9-months in April for using performance enhancing drugs in his December 2011 win over former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar. It's a suspension that dos Santos welcomed according to Overeem.

"I know [Junior dos Santos] didn't want to fight me in the first place," Overeem told MMA Fighting. "I know he was happy [about the NSAC decision], I just know that. I hit very hard, I've knocked out a lot of people, I've submitted a lot of people. I am, in any way you look at it, a legitimate threat to his title. I'm gonna get it. He knows that. Cain (Velasquez) is also doing very well right now, but Cain doesn't hit as hard as I do. Cain is smaller than I am and has less experience. I'm the biggest legitimate threat out there, that's why he's afraid."

Seems "The Reem" really got under "Cigano's" skin, and the champ is still fuming months later.

"I know that Velasquez is the contender, but if the UFC would put in Overeem, it would be such a pleasure to fight him and shut him up," dos Santos told Brazilian site He was talking a lot of nonsense, taking the old school Chael Sonnen approach.

"I'm tired of this business of these guys who are the 'big tough guys,' who are bad, and that people have to be afraid of because they act tough. I'm ending this business. The guy that wins is the guy who works harder and trains harder for it. That's what I've got to say."

While clearly pines to settle the score with Overeem, dos Santos admits that Velasquez deserves a title shot before that.

"I actually told Dana White that I would love to fight Overeem. Beat up Overeem, actually. That is what will happen when we fight. It will be a pleasure, but in my opinion, he does not deserve to fight for the belt. Cain deserves it, and we will take this fight. What Overeem deserves, is to take a beating, and I will arrange it."
Junior dos Santos on Alistair Overeem: "He deserves a beating and I will arrange it."

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