Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vinny @VinnyMMA Magalhaes responds to heat for helping Chael Sonnen prepare for @SpiderAnderson

Believe it or not Brazilians are not too fond of Chael Sonnen.

It is because of this reason that if you are a Brazilian and you assist Sonnen with beating a Brazilian in the cage you might be coined a traitor.

Such is the case for many coaches in the MMA world. I have personally talked to some high level guys who have been very hesitant about helping Chael prep for Silva because of this very fact.

However, Ultimate Fighter finalist and BJJ world champion Vinny Magalhaes has no issue with it. To him it’s a job, but he did take the time to respond to his critics via his official twitter account and this is what he said.

“I do have all these responsibilities, so If you’re going to question why I’m going to train with Chael, why don’t you just pay me to sit at home and not go to Oregon, I will do that for you without a problem, but if you are not willing to do that, sometimes is just better not give your opinion and shut the fuck up before you get all your facts straight.

Fedor wanted me to go there train with him, when the rumors were that he was going to have a rematch against Fabricio Werdum (A Brazilian); did I go to Russia to train with him? No… Why I didn’t? Because there was not going to be any pay for my services. I will always put my family in first place, I don’t know if that’s how you guys think, but with me If my family depends on me, I will do whatever I can to provide them the best I can.

Also, I’m Not sure if it was noticed, but on the title of the thread it clearly says “HIRES”, I guess that makes it pretty clear that I’m not going there as a favor. And I guarantee that neither was Chael expecting me to leave my job and family just to help him as a favor.”

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