Wednesday, February 29, 2012

@Junior_Cigano speaking on fighting @AlistairOvereem “It’s gonna come down to who hits the other first.”

UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos has no illusions about the threat his next opponent, Alistair Overeem, poses when it comes to landing a fight-ending strike. However, the affable Brazilian is also fully aware of his own abilities including one of the most powerful punches in all of MMA.

Dos Santos recently spoke about the match-up, rumored to take place on Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas, where he gave “The Demolition Man” his due in offering a realistic assessment of their upcoming affair.

Lorenzo Fertitta Hints at May Melee Between Dos Santos-Overeem

“Overeem is really a tough, dangerous, heavy and really strong guy. I see him as a good challenge,” said Dos Santos to TATAME. “Probably he’s accepting the stand-up fight. To me, it can go to the floor or on our feet. He’s very dangerous, but I gotta use my speed. I really believe in me, I’m always confident about my attitudes. I guess one of the secrets is: believing in yourself (is) half way. I really believe I can beat him. And as any fight, I’ll get there to knock him out. It won’t be different this time. I’m going there to knock him out.”

Not only does he hope to stop Overeem with strikes but “Cigano” is confident he has the skill to do so, though also the intelligence to know he can’t risk absorbing too many of the Dutchman’s shots either.

“I believe so,” replied the 27-year old when pressed on whether or not he could render Overeem into a puddle of goo. “I really believe my stand-up. I believe I can knock anyone out doing the right work. He’s as dangerous as me on the stand-up (and) there’s a reason why he became the champion at K-1. It’ll be a hard fight (but) it’s gonna come down to who hits the other first. The impact of a heavyweight punch can knock one out in a second.”

With ten TKOs in fourteen total wins for the title-holder and 34 stoppages in 36 career victories for Overeem, there’s little doubt Dos Santos is onto something when it comes to the likelihood of a finish. And, from his comments, it is equally clear Dos Santos embraces the possibility with open arms.

He who hits the other first JDS

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