Monday, December 12, 2011

@lyotomachidafw "My game plan against @JonnyBones was working"

What are your thoughts about the fight against Jon Jones?

Well, I guess it was a hard fight. The preparation was tougher in all aspects. We went there and tried to do our job. We set a game plan that, from where I’m standing, until a certain moment was working, but he landed that elbow and I got dizzy, I couldn’t see things straight anymore and it disturbed me because I couldn’t see. And on that moment I thought: “I gotta do my best here and now”. And that’s what happened.

Could you feel you were frustrating Jon Jones on the first round, because he tried to hit you and be couldn’t find you?

I felt him a little loss on the first round, but I was focused on not making it a big deal, because each round was a different one and I had to will them all. I did my game and he was falling for it.

Despite you were better on the first round, two out of three judges scored 10-9 in his behalf. How do you see it? Do you believe that’s possible?

There was a guy from the event who came to talk to me because he argued with the judges because they had scored the win for him, and he asked them how could they do it, and they said that only on the replay they really saw it, so it was confusing. But we never know how they evaluate it, if they have enough time to do it, so we gotta see their side too, but it’s an athlete’s life and career that is on line there.

How did you train for this most important aspect of Jon Jones’s game: taking down and throwing the elbows?

I guess I didn’t have enough time. He took me down launching an elbow on me, and that surprised me a little, because I thought he would take me down but I would have a little time to think it straight. It was very fast and I had my head close to the fence, he hit me with an elbow, I couldn’t see and I tried to stand up and he hit me even more…

He hit you with an elbow and you stood up…

I stood up and the judge interrupted, but we started fighting again and I didn’t have enough time to recover from that.

Did you meet after the fight?

No. we talked a little, I congratulated him for remaining as the champion but it was too brief.

What are your thoughts about UFC 140? Rogerio won, but Rodrigo lost. How was it to watch it on the backstage?

I was really happy about Rogerio’s win, we were really cheering for him. Rodrigo had the win on his hands, but unfortunately it happens. Sometimes we wanna do something more, fit a good position and all to finish the fight differently… But I guess it’s always learning in our life. How am I to talk about Rodrigo, Rogerio? I can only say good things about them. They have much more experience than I.

How do you see your situation in UFC now? What are your thoughts about the future?

Actually I’m waiting. It’s just happened, it’s too soon. We gotta keep training and waiting for them to call me up for my next fight.

My game plan against Jones was working

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