Sunday, December 11, 2011

Exclusivo: Minotauro admite que foi "burrice" tentar finalizar Mir

Translated to english.
Rodrigo Minotauro fractured his humerus, a long bone that connects the scapula to the forearm, in his fight against Frank Mir last night. The athlete is at this moment in las Vegas heading to Los Angeles where he will meet with the same doctor that made the diagnosis on GSP.

Minotauro will be out from 4 to 6 months to recover from the injury. He thinks the chance of recovery from the surgery is 90%. "I will have to get screws or a plate on the arm", he said. I talked earlier with the black belt. The former champion of Pride and UFC seemed to be in good spirit. The fight was all his. In the initual minutes, Minotauro got let his hands go with precision with a combination of punches and almost ko'd the American. But, instead of hitting with one or two more shots and get the win, he decided to go for the submission and ended up being submitted. Words from Nog to this blog:

Exclusivo: Minotauro admite que foi "burrice" tentar finalizar Mir

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