Monday, December 12, 2011

@Alistairovereem receives "Conditional License' to fight Brock Lesnar for @UFC 141

One of the biggest moments on the call was when Overeem said that he purchased the plane ticket to fly to see his mother on the 15th, two days prior to the request for testing. That made it appear that he did not jump the next flight to avoid the test.

In the end, the commission felt that his descriptions of the situations he dealt with were satisfactory for a license with some exceptions:

The test done by his doctor on the 7th of December is not sufficient. He will need to retest within 72 hours somewhere in the UK or elsewhere at a location of NSAC's choosing.
Overeem must drop another urine sample when he lands in the United States.
Overeem will be tested randomly twice over six months following the UFC 141 card.
So again, after much deliberation and a fishy timeline, it appears that the fight with Brock Lesnar will go on.

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